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  • Roof mounted display with "lightning" symbol, for marking vehicles on which repairs are being carried out on electronic components. The attachment is made via the suction cup on the bottom of the roof display.

  • Floor marking tape "Premium" yellow-black (lift truck loadable) Width: 50 mm / length 10 m

  • Floor marking tape "Standard" black-yellow (pedestrian loadable) width: 50 mm / length 33 m

  • Grained cowhide leather gloves are the top protective layer for electrical insulating gloves.Commonly used electrical insulating gloves for protection against electric shock are made of latex and have low resistance to mechanical damage.Therefore, electrical insulating gloves should be used together with leather gloves.

  • Insulating protective gloves are intended exclusively for use in the electrical field as basic personal protective equipment when working under voltages up to 1 kV or as additional protective equipment

  • Side length 10 cm, PVC film, self-adhesive

  • Side length 20 cm, PVC film, self-adhesive

  • Side length 31.5 cm, PVC film, self-adhesive

  • Side length 31.5cm, plastic, thickness 1.0mm

  • Side length 20cm, plastic, thickness 1.0mm

  • Allows you to lock, for example, a steering wheel or a high-voltage battery to prevent it from being put back into service.The anti-corrosion brass lock is protected in a plastic housing.The padlock has a "Do not switch" warning pictogram on one side and blank fields on the other side to record date, name of operator and telephone number.

  • For garages working on vehicles and machines with on-board energy sources (electric and hybrid vehicles). Concerns consignment and signalling operations.

Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items