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  • Applications: Hyundai, Kia, Nissan Qashqai, Renault Kadjar, Ford Windstar ┬á

  • Contents:- universal plug ├ś20 to 79mm- expandable plug ├ś41-47mm- plug 1/4 turn ├ś58mm- plug ├ś43mm with 90┬░ connection L.110mm- plug 1/4 turn expandable ├ś35-38mm with 90┬░ connection L.100mm

  • Compact and lightweight.Automatic stop when the level in the can is too low.Automatic bleeding after canister change.Checks the low pressure brake system for leaks.

  • This leak detector with a sensor designed to detect the smallest concentrations of hydrogen nitrogen and other gases.Compatible with Hydrogen Nitrogen (N2-H2), R134a, R1234YF, R404-A, R410-A, R407-C, R22, Freon...

  • The tooling contained in the case is used to "pressurize" the refrigeration and air conditioning systems in order to "simulate", inside the systems, at which pressure it will have to operate.

  • The PAC Series is a range of Hall-effect current clamps for measuring direct and alternating currents.

  • The new C.A 652x & C.A 653x insulation testers are compact, lightweight and simple to use, offering greater comfort for users

  • Technical specifications :Display : 6,000 countsAC/AC+DC voltage : 0,6 V to 750 VDC voltage : 0,6 V to 1,000 VAC/DC/AC+DC current : 10 ╬╝A to 10 AResistance : 1 ╬ę to 60 M╬ęCapacitance : 1 nF to 100 mFTemperature with K thermocouple (┬░C / ┬░F) : from -55 ┬░C to +1 200 ┬░CDimensions / weight: 170 x 80 x 50 mm / 320 g

  • The voltage safety tester allows to verify the lack of voltage on a electric circuit before an interventionEssential equipment for buildings or electrical vehicles (verifying absence of voltage). It allows voltage on a circuit to be checked in accordance with standards: NF 61010-600V cat3 and IEC 61243-3VAT/DDT.

  • Allows you to lock, for example, a steering wheel or a high-voltage battery to prevent it from being put back into service.The anti-corrosion brass lock is protected in a plastic housing.The padlock has a "Do not switch" warning pictogram on one side and blank fields on the other side to record date, name of operator and telephone number.

  • For garages working on vehicles and machines with on-board energy sources (electric and hybrid vehicles). Concerns consignment and signalling operations.

Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items