About us

Our firm

For over 50 years, CISCAR offers products and services adapted to the automotive sector.

The Ciscar purchasing office was created due to the common needs among car dealers.

CISCAR works in close collaboration with the members of the Renault France Dealer Group and therefore has a clear and current vision of the automotive business.

Thanks to our sales representatives who crisscross France, we have a global view of the requests and problems of our customers.

Relevant products, a personalized approach of our customers, products benefiting from an excellent quality / price ratio are our strengths.

Outside of France, CISCAR is also present at BENELUX and other European countries and offers products such as:

- Merchandising

- Workshop organization
- Stationery (business cards, envelope, paper head, etc.)
- Furniture RENAULT and DACIA

- Interior Signage RENAULT and DACIA
- Workshop equipment
- Direct Marketing Dept. (invitations Open Day, postal mail / email APV etc.)

Our team

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Phone: + 32 (0)2 588 88 23 / infos@ciscar.net