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COVID-19: the ozone machine runs automatically and disinfects the car in 10 minutes

Through a unique process of vehicle disinfection with ozone (suck in oxygen and expel trioxyge), a process that eliminates bacteria and viruses including coronavirus.

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Ultra fast shock treatment thanks to the RETRO technology of ozone generation and ozone diffusion:

  • Ozone (or trioxygen) is a very powerful oxidant (substance capable of fixing electrons),
  • Ozone allows efficient decontamination with very short contact periods
  • The ozone propelled into a room becomes a multifunctional oxidant degrading all pollutants (except minerals - dust) present in the air and on surfaces. It destroys all VOCs such as chemical pollutants (Radon, CO2, NOX, etc.) and biological pollutants (viruses, bacteria, molds, mites, allergens, etc.).

>Treatment up to 60 m┬▓ / 150m3 *

  • Air flow: 200 m3 / h
  • Ozone production: 10 g / h
  • Timer: 0 - 120 minutes
  • Power supply: 220 V.
  • Robust stainlesssteel housing
  • Weight: 2,8kg

Ozone is a hyper oxidizing gas, in too high concentration in the air, it can be harmful for all living beings if inhaled in a too large quantity.
This is why it is compulsory to practice the treatment without human and animal presence and to ventilate well after treatment.

Transport cost included