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The GYSFLASH 101.12 CNT FV is a 100 A high power CONNECTED charger with inverter technology.

Its USB connectivity makes it 100% customizable.

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4 Operating modes :

  • Charging: for 12 V Lead or Lithium (LFP) batteries from 5 to 1200 Ah.
  • Diagnostics: supports up to 100 A for 12 V batteries in vehicles in the diagnostic phase, in maintenance workshops.
  • Showroom: provides power compensation when using the electrical accessories of a demonstration vehicle. It also manages the optimal charging of the battery.
  • Tester: Allows you to check the battery voltage, evaluate the starting system (starter + battery) and the condition of the vehicle’s alternator.

100% connected

  • Add, delete or modify charging modes and profiles via USB.
  • Import predefined configuration files adapted to the load trades.
  • Retrieve the charging history and data on a USB stick and use them on a spreadsheet.
  • Connect additional modules (printer, barcode reader, etc.) via its dedicated module socket (SMC: Smart Module Connector).

Delivery includes charger, hand shower, printer, 2 paper rolls